About CITUS d.o.o.

Citus d.o.o.
Citus d.o.o.
Citus d.o.o.
     Citus d.o.o.

We are small, but experienced Internet Development Company, for applicative solutions
and consulting based primarily on Microsoft technologies.


We offer:


           We educate end-users for using Microsoft Office, Windows, Internet, SOHO and
           our own applications in well equiped classroom.







> Legal obligations: safe conditions on


> Large number of documents

> Distributed data entry

> Work in the field

> Early warning and escalation to the 



> Advanced IT solution that enables:


> planning and engaging

> tracking and alerting

> reporting and archiving


> of data about personal protective    


> Reducing the number and seriousness

         of injury

> Efficient law enforcement

> Cost-cutting:
> procurement of equipment
> sick days workers
> compensation for injury